Leithead Consulting’s mission is to improve the efficiency and growth of the metropolitan Atlanta region through partnerships with CIDs and their local municipalities.


CID Current Boundaries Audit and Mapping Services

Through public data research, Geographic Information System (GIS) data and Real Estate database services such as Costar, Leithead Consulting can provide an overview of the current boundaries of a CID and map them through an interactive portal. This process can also identify properties that may have fallen off of the digest through a series of possible errors creating possible increases to CID revenue.

CID Boundaries Ownership Research

By conducting a boundary audit, Leithead Consulting also compiles a list identifying the owner of record for properties, supplying a CID with all needed information, which includes the individuals of consent, their contact information and property values.

Business Development Services

Using a pre-established network in the Atlanta area, Leithead Consulting can aid clients as a third-party business development service to help secure clientele.

Executive Services Provided:

  • Board Reporting
  • Membership Relationships
  • Financial, Budgeting, Accounting, Audit, Investment and Banking
  • Insurance
  • Master Planning
  • Project Planning and Prioritization
  • Funding from other sources
  • Consultant, Staff and Legal Counsel Management
  • Meeting Scheduling and Adherence to Legal Requirements
  • Agendas and Minutes Preparation

Expansion Services Provided:

  • GIS mapping services and Expansion Boundary Creation
  • Expansion “Master list” Creation (Names and Contact information for consenting authority of each property)
  • Meeting Set-Up and Sales Strategizing
  • Consent Form Creation
  • Marketing Material Creation
  • Expansionary Packet Creation
  • Delivery of Consent Forms
  • Approval Process through Municipalities